True And Better

can i just say that

i have always loved reading

(when i was young the only thing that would shut me up was a book)

((so it’s quite likely that others around me loved (me) reading too))

i haven’t always been excited about reading Jesus-books* though

the number of impactful Jesus-books that i’d read prior to uni would probably be between 1 and 2

and i think that while i enjoyed intellectual discussions about the Bible

(or just any chance to argue, really)

i was always lazy, and thus under-informed, and thus afraid that the truth that i had (somewhat) blindly founded my life on might crumble into shifting sand under proper scrutiny

but as i embarked on my ‘Read The Bible Joseph, Please’ project, i began to see that the Bible was just yelling at me


and so i began by diving into the web, because i am 90% conjoined to my computer, and because knowing the Bible always felt more like homework and research

and it was just scary, but not exciting, and intense, but not engaging. i was glad to be done after each frenzied Google.

then i got through more of the Bible, and it has so many strange phrases like ‘taste and see that the Lord is good‘ or ‘the joy of the Lord

and giddyaps recced me this video by Keller which draws on theologians past and present to suggest that Jesus is a true and better representation of every character we love in the Bible, and just everything that is good.

that started something in me, and i slowly began to see Jesus in things and in people, and that was fascinating.

so really this whole post came about because i bought a couple of books yesterday, FOR MYSELF (and not as gifts), and i have 3 hours to kill now and i’ve just opened the first one on the mrt and finished the intro and i am so so so excited**

I have come that they might have life, and have it in abundance” – John 10:10

*by this i mean books concerning the Christian faith, but also Jesus-(related)-books is a gr8 term because, as Redman’s Heart of Worship goes, it is truly all about You, Jesus. thank You Lord for bringing my heart joy.

**this was what i had initially wanted to post, but hey that’s the magic of.. being long winded. i guess. 😁


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