these days, milk and cereal are staples in my diet.

i usually combine my cereal-eating with a quick flip through social media, and when the cereal is crunched up and the milk is drained, i put the bowl off to one side, shut my laptop, and begin to work.

today was a little messier than usual – i split a fair bit of milk in my three-tiered fridge, and when i finally got down to having the cereal i was still rather restless on the inside (and a bit frustrated).

so instead of leaving the bowl to one side, i picked it up once i was done, brought it to the sink, and gave it a rinse.

and where the milk would usually clot and gather in a thin gluey film that takes a fair bit of soap and scrubbing to remove, this time it washed off with incredible ease (“Wash YOUR Bowls Immediately”!! – An Infomercial for ‘Common Sense’).

now i know that milk gets all sticky and havoc-y when you leave it out to dry. but as i toweled the bowl dry i thought that this is what i need to learn – immediate obedience.

i’ve always been rather rebellious, and being a Christian for 23 years just means that i can find subtler ways to go about it, taking my time with obedience being one such way. and my ability to be optimistic about things and positive about life in general often means that i brush aside the sadness that comes with failure or sin, yes, but also the valuable lessons that can be drawn from that sadness.

so that was a rather interesting reminder. being struck by the cost of delayed obedience at the sink – it’s not that my bowl couldn’t be cleaned if i delayed, but that when i was willing to do it immediately instead of taking my time as i usually do, the fruit of that immediate obedience was considerable, and pleasant and profitable.


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