Through It All, My Eyes Are On You

do you feel distant from God? today i read something that caught me and wouldn’t let go.

on a tumblr run by a man called J S Park, he writes about the ‘Giant Gap’ between who we are in Romans 7 and who we are in 1 John 3.

Romans 7 says
– v14: i am unspiritual, sold as a slave to sin
– v19: the evil i do not want to do – this i keep on doing
– v21: so i find this law at work – when i want to do good, evil is right there with me.

1 John 3 says
– v6: no one who lives in Him keeps on sinning. no one who continues to sin has either seen Him or known Him.
– v10: anyone who does not do what is right is not a child of God

and that’s such a stark contrast, and why do i feel like i can understand Romans 7 more than 1 John 3 if i’m a child of God with the Spirit in me (1 John 3:24) instead of a ‘slave to sin’? i think that no matter how long we’ve loved Jesus or sat in a church for, we still have Romans 7 days. a lot of them.

what struck me then was when Park wrote that

“every religion tells you to close that gap on your own, even Christianity sometimes.

but Jesus is the only who said, “I will meet you where you are. I am running backwards through the gap to you. And we will walk this walk together, one step at a time, me in the lead, and I will be with you whether you feel me or not, always.”

we see that when Jesus goes to the woman at the well, when he goes to Saul before he becomes Paul, when he reaches out for Peter when his faith falters in the storm, when Peter denies Jesus he’s not cut off and left to die Jesus comes back and tenderly says

“follow me”

“feed my sheep”

YES, Paul also writes in Romans 6 that sin must and will die, not increase. but faith is not ‘sinning less’, because we can do that (for a while, in some ways) through sheer willpower. it is being sure that we belong to Jesus, being sure of his reality, being sure that He walks with us even when our eyes can’t see.

so we will struggle, because we’re trembly unformed pots, all works in progress. just know that the Potter’s hand is steady and sure – firm when it needs to be, but ever eager to reach out to us if we will look to Him and let Him. know this, then know that “no one may boast except in the Lord”, because He begins (is the author) and completes (and perfector) of our faith. Jesus loves us guys. and that makes all the difference in the world. have a blessed weekend :—)


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