J S Park Is Ridic

On Bringing Friends To Church

“and we walk in to church and the whole time i’m nervous

it’s not that i want a watered down gospel, or the pastor to cater to them, i just want this pastor to show how good and awesome God is

and the pastor actually goes ‘Obama? more like O-bummer’

i remember leaving the church, talking to my friend, and i was like ‘i’m so sorry this is not what church is about‘”

On Everything

“actually, i know i’m a self-centered person and i don’t do that every time.

but when i read the Bible, when i understand our faith and Christianity, I believe in a God who gets eye-to-eye with you and says

that thing you’re worked up with? let’s take a look at that together. right where you are, in your mess, let’s work on this thing together.’

i can love the unlovable because i was unlovable and shown love.

we can pay the cost of love because God did it first.”


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