what love demands, it also makes easy

am walking home now after the CTLS potluck

just 30 seconds ago, i had finished listening to ‘In The Secret’ and was feeling pretty in tune with God and all

(in tune ha ha)

when i walked past the fruit shop, there were 2-3 people filling up the pavement ahead of me, so i tried to make myself tiny and get through

then suddenly a black lady (gypsy??) with a red hairscarf and big eyes grabbed my left arm and said, in what felt to me like a frenzied voice, China!! Ten Pence! Give me Ten Pence! Ten Pence!

and i could put it down to the shock of physical contact

or that it was dark and i was disoriented and plugged in in one ear

or that i had just tripped / had heard stories about the area / was about to face-off w Parisian gypsies in 3 days

or that she had called me ‘China’, but all those are excuses, because i said no and broke off her grip and strode off hurriedly

(i’m not discounting situations of real danger, or even ambiguous situations that could turn dangerous, or being wise and avoiding dark alleys and not talking to strangers etc etc etc

it’s just that i thought to myself then that church is not real if it is 90% air-conditioned buildings and hearts that turn sterile and cold inside them

my cousin walked through some pretty dangerous parts of NYC to give kids tuition, and returned home past 11, and she didn’t have to she didn’t owe anyone anything)

i know i was scared or shocked, but that was a lady who might really have needed that ten pence which is nothing to me on a day-to-day basis and when i finally got over myself and turned back she was already gone, unsurprisingly

so yeah Jesus spent his days among those who needed him most, meeting their needs, showing love, and tonight i was reminded again that following Jesus is not just about singing songs about how great His love is, but actually receiving and giving of it to others, and that that is real tough, and John 3:30

happy week homies :–)


3 thoughts on “what love demands, it also makes easy

  1. it really is tough my friend. i keep thinking about what you said about 1) what is the best way to show someone that God loves them? the answer seems so simple – which is to love them; to show them God’s love through our love, but in practice so very hard. 2) obedience sometimes precedes desire. it is our prerogative (perhaps) that we can choose what we desire but not necessarily our prerogative to decide when to obey or not.

    but blessings brother, godspeed with gypsies, they’re pretty much harmless in paris when you’re travelling in groups.


    1. 1) just read John 17:29. what gladdens me most is finding truth – i fear hard work, but if i know that what i am doing is on the right path then i will gladly discipline myself 4 righteousness!!

      2) yb that’s why must always lay down.. Ps 51:12 – grant me a willing spirit to sustain me

      sup sister don’t godspeed all come hang w us ^__^


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