Three Quick Things

1) I have been working on doing Quiet Time when I wake, which is good, but these days I am both keeping to that goal AND doing QT at 10+?? 11+ am ????? My sleep cycle is really an egg

2) When i got out of the shower today morning I pulled a face towel over my head and grabbed my dad and wailed MESSI MESSI MY ARGENTINA WHY DO U LOSE MESSI…. (and he chuckled and made a joke about ‘messy’ playing but it was just gr8 to know that I could be silly with my dad and feel utterly at ease at the same time)

3) After towelling off I went into the kitchen and there was a bowl of FRESH LYCHEES so my first instinct was to go YUM / then i realised that my mom had peeled them for herself, so I quickly back-pedalled and feigned disinterest with all the sk!lls that 6 years of drama had imbued me with

but when I sat down in the living room to read my Bible a bowl of lychees and cherries followed me which reminds me again that a mother’s love is really 10/10 suparbez

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” – John 13:35

have a great day every1 and cindy if you are reading this you have an Xtra great day go ahead take it its yours okay bye


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