Always Bitterness/Brokenness

There are days where the Christian life can feel like disappointment, and needless suffering – in short, a huge divine letdown.

Days before the NBA draft, Isaiah Austin found out that he had Marfan syndrome, which is pretty much a permanent halt to his basketball career. And this after he “had overcome so much to evolve into an NBA prospect. Austin has little to no vision in his right eye. Multiple operations couldn’t fix the detached retina and save his vision after he aggravated a previous injury performing a routine dunk prior to a middle school basketball game.”

Then we have that moment where Adam Silver called him up in a symbolic gesture (

This could have easily been a bitter moment. Instead, Austin said:

“[This] was one of the greatest moments of my life… I’m just thankful. I’ve really had time to sit down and think a little bit, and God has truly blessed me.”


It’s ridiculous how universal this narrative is – God gives me something, I rejoice, that something is damaged or paused or halted, my world feels like it is crumbling.

And that’s the beauty of it – that even as we say ‘take heart, Jesus is more than enough for you and me’, we have been there before, and we have suffered the tearing pain of what must feel like divine disappointment, and we know that hearing well-meaning advice (true as it might be) makes you feel like punching the advice giver where it hurts.

STILL, stories like Austin’s remind me that it’s always going to hurt, but also that with Christ no storm is too big. Hide my heart in yours God, that I can learn to love and trust as You would have me, and where I struggle let me overcome by Your grace and encourage others to do the same. Amen.


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