Walk Together, That Makes A World Of Difference

as I left BTC yesterday, a friend waved and asked me what my plans were, because “it’s Valentine’s Day!!”, and I said that I had spent it with my first love, Jesus.

it was really a snappy reply at first, just me shooting off my mouth as usual, but mm

– breakfast/Alpha was really something
– later on I met another friend out of the blue, and we shared about school
– received a message from a pal near midnight that made my heart v glad

it was a day with Jesus close by, and for that I felt very loved/challenged to love more.

2) met gid and sat down below a power socket and labored, then we met danny / sat on the road / almost witnessed domestic abuse / considered scaling a gate / celebrated sam’s birthday ^_^

3) today, the sec 4/5 kids in church are transiting to JC/Poly/ITE, and as my cell group gathered to welcome them, my leader, who just took a test at SMU from 11-1, also took out a goodie bag for EACH ONE OF US

so i felt rather puzzled ?_? and asked her “how did you prepare these 15 odd bags with cards when you had a test today…..?”

and she just smiled, because love is a choice (-:


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