On A Bended Knee We Come

For a teeny slice of time, I was imagining what it’d be like to be in Boston singing Augustana’s hit single with a rickety guitar in tow

But yesterday I found out who got it and wa I just felt so happy for them!! Like Boston is so amazing and I will now have to disappoint some Tumblr pals but still still still they will have such a gr8 time!!

I guess how I feel is mixed like Aoki’s Mazechirashi, super happy for some friends who’ve gotten their top top choices and then broken with my friends who didn’t..

And for myself I’m headed to Kings, which I know nothing about, but I do know that WOW, that drastically changes how my 2014 will unfold geographically, relationally etc etc etc

STILL. The one thing that I look to is how I can.. each day, learn to with what I have, love God more, and love people from that overflow (1 John 4:19).

Life is quite the merry go round sometimes, it just gives you one good spin and you’re left thinking woah where am I what is going on ack

But this one thing I do: I forget what lies behind, because if it’s good then great and if it wasn’t that’s okay too. I don’t just want to repeat old tales about God’s goodness. I want it to always be real, always be new, and so I look forward to what lies ahead, pressing on towards the goal that God has called me to, to learn to be a servant whose actions speak humility and obedience and love.

Phil 1:6 – being confident that God, who began a good work in me, will carry it to completion (-:


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