I Hope I Don’t Let Anyone Down

One thing I’ve been thinking about after camp is patience.

I remember being a kid who probably did many irritating things like talking out of line and jabbering on about inane, self-indulgent subjects. Was definitely self-entitled at many points, possibly (probably) snotty and presumptuous and showy and all.

And when I think about how I am now, a shining paragon of virtue and excellence, the kind of kid that parents want to take home and girls want to marry and raise a family with..

There’s absolutely no way that I could have made it without older kids who were patient with me.

One of the reasons why I’m always humbled by and grateful for church is the many mentors who saw me when I was a bratty kid, and instead of going “this cocky dude so stupid what an irritant”, went “let’s give him a chance”

And then proceeded to spend time listening to me prattle on before sharing with me how they saw me, how they saw potential in me

Just spending time with me and calling out the good things in me, though knowing myself, they must have had sage-like temperance to weather my verbal onslaughts.

So at times I too get fed up and irritated with kids. But when I do, and if I ever feel like quitting and storming off in a huff, let me return to this post and remember how many people bore with me patiently despite my many flaws to invest in my life and make me feel like I meant something, like I could be someone. Then may God give me the love and patience to do the same for others :—)


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