Final Thoughts

The heart of evangelism is not saving people but loving people. God does the saving. We do the loving.

Today was a new brokenness, how I just fall into this tenderness of heart so easily now. It’s rather strange for me and I’m not quite used to it yet. Maybe the burden is growing. Maybe God is really using a smashed flowerpot like me to grow something good and real.

All that I ask is that You keep me by your side Jesus, and keep opening my eyes and heart to what matters. Then give me the grace, the strength and the courage to act.

I feel it Jesus. Faintly, at the edges, but I think I’m getting your heartbeat for this church, for my friends. Just all out obedience. All out service. All out love.

Help me help me help me against pride, against distraction, against weariness, against lust, again any hidden sin that stops me from serving You. It’s all about You Jesus. It’s not about me. You alone are God and I surrender to Your will.

The heart of evangelism is loving people. How far will you go to save someone you love?


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