Thankful x77777777777

1. AH SO THANKFUL so many of my friends are coming on the 21st…. Idk man can cry already

2. Had TWO buffets today??? Went home with my top rivet unbuttoned..

3. Watched Ender’s Game. It was MUCH bettter than I expected, though if you watch the show w/o reading the book YOU HAVE ROBBED YOURSELF MY FRIEND please I beg you don’t do that read the book first I will lend you a copy I will buy the Ender’s Blu Ray for you just don’t watch it first…

4. Karaoke with some bez folk wa sang until cannot sing HELP God need a voice for tomorrow…!!

5. Again just v glad that some of my v treasured friends can make it on the 21st AH hen kai xin how do I express/explain…????

Inexpressible ineffable j o y


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