Show Me How 2 Live

Usually my music tastes hover round sappy, limp-wristed tunes that are best played on a two-string guitar under thin moonlight.

Every once in a while, my iTunes will man up and toss me a rock song, and it is then that I swiftly grow a man-stache and rip off my shirt sleeves and wear my mom’s black jeans and rock out 100%.

But really the point of this post is to say that

Today, when I woke up from a nap on the BTC shuttle, I thought of the 24th of December.

How it would feel to wake up and get my sms.

“A+ A+ A+”


And then I imagined this

“C C C”

And once again I felt that pinch, that bit of fear that asks me “hey man, do you really need to go for cell, or service, or help out with SERVE, or plan Level Up, or read your Bible at night and pray and and and and and”

And sometimes it also asks me “why did you spend so much time on so many things that weren’t your notes? or studying? or reading cases? you haven’t read a single case Joseph..”

But by the time it gets there, then I am usually slapped back into reality.

I get scared when I think of bad grades. Who doesn’t, right? It’s crunch time after all!

But when I reach deeper, beyond that surface miasma of fear and anxiety, then I touch base with my heart and I am glad. Because I am then reminded of what counts.. It is a blessing to study with a glad and thankful heart :—)


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