Okay my frivolous post aside, I just managed to lock down all my distractions 10 minutes ago, and have embarked on my Property Law Adventure (am now at the Egregious Embankment of Equity, having passed the Eerie Estates not too long ago!!).

Then the lady who helps clean the school knocked on the door and popped in to clear the bin, and I was like Hey this is the lady on Justified??

so I said “HELLO I RECOGNIZE YOU” and she said (very shyly) “Good morning.”

And she was so meek I couldn’t understand it

So I just thanked her for being so kind to students all the time, and she smiled, then as I turned to close the windows she said “I thank Jesus”.

That refreshed me more than I can explain – It’s been a long weekend, and it’s going to be a longer week, but when I met her I really felt like I was meeting Jesus she was just so unassuming and I stretched out my hand to shake hers, she said Oh no my hand is dirty but then I clasped it tightly because there is so much kindness in them and when my hands have been used to point fingers at people and serve myself at the selfish expense of others then it is I who has dirty hands not her, her hands were really beautiful.

Teach me again to serve others Jesus. I want to have a life of service unto You, and unto others.


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