Something Good

So today I stepped out from my house with

+ a shoebag filled with gym gear

+ a schoolbag slung around my neck

+ a laptop tucked into xun huan’s case

+ dee’s guitar around my left shoulder

And I was thinking “SHOULD I CAB”

But years of scrimping and saving had made me almost injuriously penurious (personally, i rather detest the word parsimonious, it feels like a quivering boil on the tip of one’s tongue), and so I marched on towards the mrt while suavely palming out my phone to check the bus arrival time.

“7/7”, said SG Buses with a faint sneer, as I realised that I was probably up against a crafty consecutive bus combo. Darn it!! Why send me a bosom buddy bus bouquet early in the morning, God??

And so I clicked myself into that steely phase of supreme concentration that has made me a household name and that invariably accompanies me when I am surveying the center of a steak to determine its doneness, striding forth with my manly mane billowing behind me like a maternity dress on a scarecrow in a windy paddy field.

At the same time, I was firing off miniature prayer missives to Suave Dave, who joined me in heaping requests for red lights and stalled cars upon the approaching buses.

But alas, the worst things in life come free to us, and so it was that I came to a sorry slouch against a rather stolid and stubborn red traffic light as both 196-es slid around the corner of the road and down towards my bedevilled bus stop. Twas a sight I hope never to see again.

But as the light finally flickered into a pale semblance of a Starbucks Green Tea Frappe (no whip 2 b ripped), a rather lost little lady approached me, and I managed to direct her to Ulu Pandan CC!

And when I did reach the bus stop, another 196 scooted up and scooted me off to UTown almost instantly ._.

So well.

That’s not always going to happen, but “In His time, He makes all things beautiful” – Ecclesiastes 3:11

Have a good week 大家 (-:


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