Ok la I know it’s not really a poem..

But I just wanted to feel all poet-y for once ( >> http://josmurftayarchive.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/lie-down-rest-your-head-against-the-earth/)

A n y w a y

tonight was VCF worship & intercession!!

and due to timetabling clashes and church commitments i’ve never been able to join VCF, though i’ve always wondered what’s up with them

and i probably wouldn’t have come for w&i

but then ms grace chan would not have asked me to play guitar for the event at 1 am

and she probably wouldn’t have asked me

but then we had sat on a bus to uTown on a Friday the week before

and what a story there is behind this.

how God knits our lives and our obedience into a tapestry that is really beautiful.

don’t get me wrong!! i’m not some eternal optimist who has forgotten that the world is mostly in pain.

but tonight was really beautiful.

like just people coming together to praise Jesus and worship Him.

not about ourselves

or what we can do

or what we look like

just not about us

and all about Jesus


when you stop serving yourself and start serving others….. teach me again and again and again each day God. because I forget really easily. but i don’t want to forget (-: use my life to show others a tiny glimpse of your Love. that’s what I pray today.

goodnight (-:

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