I Must Add

That at 1:34 am on a Sunday morning, things are far more sobering.

I need to learn to say No.

The next week is nutsicles:
– I have Mon night to study on
– Tues Ps Andrew’s event all night, worship prep in the am
– Wed gig rehearsal, and I can’t skip cos it’s maybe the only one before Sunday
– Thu night VCF worship
– Fri Level Up meeting/PNP??
– Sat cell/church

And the work I have undone.. Mortgages half read, Minority Shareholders unread, Trial Advo problem out (really gotta heck this), then gotta catch up w last 2 coy tuts by watching podcast and prepare for Prop Tut and then CLT this week is my final week.

Only problem is that I have no time, because 2 cells + vcf worship + level up + being a human being to those around me.

And only problem (2) is that I realise that every week this sem has been nutsicles. Forget excellence, I’m just lacking the basic time to put in2 my grades, which is making my revision worse than Sem1/2. Ahaha.

BUT, and here’s a huge but (which Sir Mix-A-Lot will like), what matters the most to me is still people.

SO PLZ if you are reading this do not hesitate to talk to me if anything is up cos you matter more than my grades 😀

I see it like this:

1) I don’t deserve my A Level grades.
2) I don’t deserve my scholarship which is paying for my Law education.

So for as long as I am able, I just want to give back to God/others what time and energy I have. Sustain me God, and give me wisdom and strength. Thank You, and Amen, and Goodnight.


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