I really love you God.

Today morning as I walked out of my house with a plateful of char siew rice sitting in my stomach, I struggled again to understand how I should commune with you, or pray and talk to you, like what does it even mean to ‘dwell in your presence’?

And I still have to wrestle myself down, to sit still and be still and just learn discipline and patience.

But God I love you because you have such a heart for people. Like you really desire that each and every person come to know you and find that happiness and love that you alone can give. And you don’t care who we are or what we’ve done..

People are so quick to judge and find flaws but Jesus would just plonk himself down amidst anyone who would hear him and love them and serve them. And that amazes me because it’s what we all need, but what we find so so hard to give.

Please teach me to be like Jesus. Amen.


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