I’ve Got Charm But I’m Not A Charmander

Today morning was SPARTY. It began in such a simple but inspiring way – after the mission trip, a few Connectors just really wanted to have a gathering/party of sorts where we could invite people who

1) love food

2) love to meet new people

and just hang out with them and bless them and share in local delicacies.

Still remember feeling sian diao when I popped down to the market at 830 only to find that my favorite stall had suddenly closed though they had told me yesterday that they would stay open to sell me duck and charsiew.

Then jub and I grabbing items from the various Ghim Moh stalls, and my dad kindly ferrying us to uTown to set up and just begin preparing. People came and joined us in setting up, and we prayed and put up streamers and laid out the food

Then the first guest arrived and from then on it was just a blur ahaha I remember laughing with elim’s huge group of FASS kids over puttu mayam

trying to get all their names down

making jokes about chermaine’s minced meat noodles

chatting with Trang the Vietnamese Year 1 who was super excited to share her Cu Chi tunnel experience (and affirmed my pronunciation of Dien Bien Phu)

talking to Liang Li and Wen Jing (si1 wen2, feng1 jing3) and JUN TAO hahahaha ying1 jun4 and tao1 tao1 bu4 jue2…

joking with Angie and Shaun/Shawn?? about his Korean face and Qiaoying’s insistence that Jeannie has TWO ‘n’s

how I was like W H A T when I realized that Weng Kin actually had a way easier name –> MAX!! (which i was like WAHHHAT at because I kept forgetting ‘Weng Kin’ but if you said Max I sure remember…)

meeting vicky and si qi and singing songs from SHE and Jolin Tsai and Jay Chou and Wang Lee Hom and discussing Chinese poetry and singing MAN JIANG HONG ahahahahahahahahaha

Nina!!! kept wanting to say “are you a hurricane is that why it rained so bad this morning” L O L


It’s almost 6 pm now and I’m just sitting at an outdoor table at Starbucks typing this out because I feel so blessed. Like I’m dead tired, which I never imagined would ever happen but it’s happened twice in the past month already ahahaha I’m supposed to be a 90% E for EXTROVERT but wow I’m actually exhausted from that chain of interactions, like flat out super drained like a canal (coz a canal is a super drain.. anyone with me on that holla).

But even though I want to plonk my face on the table and just sleep there’s this excitement and joy inside me, like I asked a girl “ni3 shi4 xin4 tu2 ma1?” (are you a believer) and she replied saying that her ‘xin4’ (surname) is [insert chinese surname here].. BUT that’s alright you know. It’s really more than just having someone say “Oh, I believe in Jesus!!”. Because that’s just the start.

It’s like.. having the chance to just bless and love people and spend time with them making them laugh and getting to know them.. Such a privilege and honor to have them take time out and spend it with us.

So yes. Had to get that down. And now for work.. Or a nap. A nap wouldn’t be amiss at all :p


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