Being Bez For God

So tonight, I was sending out my reflections as I do sometimes. At the same time, was helping charms w her lost watch! This is what happened.

1) I was copying and pasting messages from charms to dee who was being most helpful, and then instead of pasting my reflections, I pasted this:

“Hahaha no it’s just those movable tables, the last one at the end, I must have dropped it while packing my stuff 😦 ”

And this happened:


HAHAHA in like 10 diff convos. So I was scrambling to reply them and explain myself, but somehow God also let some of those convos meander into spiritual ground.

God uses my blur blunders for His glory, which I am v thankful for, that though I laughed for 2 minutes in awkward embarrassment, He is bigger than my blunders (-:

2) That when i sent out an sms for help at midnight, pb angel replied most swiftly and went to help find a lost watch (and DID in fact succeed), which as always reminds me that being a Christian, or a disciple of Jesus, or whatever you call it, is about going the extra mile for others so that I can be a faint reflection of how God loves us so much that He went the extra mile for us all the way to the cross.

No act of service too small, no problem so big that love cannot prevail.

Good night friends (-:


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