Saturday Nights In Neon Lights

Wa so cool i so upz so happening post cool lyric as title

But well anyway it’s been a long week guys. Mad thanks to everyone for all the love and support that has just flooded in from places and people that I didn’t expect at all. And mm thank God for the peace that has stayed with me and will stay with me – I struggle a bit still at times I guess, but it really is a pain borne of memories of good times past. And that I can deal with.

Today at service I heard about Mother Teresa and Hudson Taylor (this guy hero along with JIM ELLIOT who is still one of the men of God whose life challenges me so much).

“nothing could impede her from spreading the light of God’s love in the darkest places of the world”

Have often wondered – Can I ever really have an intimacy w God amidst all this hustle and bustle that can compare to the missionaries who answer a call and just literally lean on God for their daily meal? I want God to be my everything you see.

And each time I pray that prayer, that God I do Your will so mould me and break me and take me where You will me to go, I am frightened and I am scared because certainty is a comfortable lull that I have grown rather fond of. Yet at the same time a part of my heart says YES, if Jesus is the best gift then I can count all else as loss.

Talked with a friend about it tonight. And while I’ll shelve these thoughts till after the 2nd of May, I’d like to say that I’m glad that I’m finally going on a mission trip in July at the ripe ol age of 22 (ahahaha).

As always, each day, teach me and walk with me Lord. I long to know Your heart more.

Goodnight folks :–)


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