I can’t stay up all night anymore.

Woke late, so I had to take the long route to campus, it was not too hot so that was good.

Silently frustrated by my inability to concentrate even in the crunch time.

Fought off sleepy spells twice, once during contract tutorial.

Contract tutorials are getting more lively though, like the class is warming up (after ONE HALF sems) and so I can whisper inappropriate jokes and we can laugh

Wished very hard that Blind Pilot would return (

Had a tremendously long dinner break (6-9pm)

And now there are 3 hours left of my night, 2.5 if you count the .5 hour I take to get home, there is a lot of work before me, but I have not done this for a long time and so I choose to remember now my blessings,

that my brother is slogging it out in the jungle on his third day of crawling in mud and insects and not bathing while i am in comfortable clothing and squeaking about in a swivel chair

that i have enough to eat/wear/good music when i want it/textbooks when i need them

that i have a family that loves me a lot and that i love a lot and who are healthy and happy

that God knows the plans He has for me though I may not, but I have faith

so I will do my best and well come what may, i can afford a semester where my grades aren’t good, that’s not a big deal, but i can’t afford one where my walk with God isn’t good, and so i must remember to live and act in a way that reflects my priorities.


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