Bigger Things

An apple tree will always bear apples. There is no need to worry that it will end up yielding bananas or oranges.

You could tie oranges onto its branches before it bore fruit, and it might look like an orange tree for a while, but when it bears fruit it is plain to all that it is an apple tree.

Why then would you strive to DO what is right as if ticking off some divine code of conduct, when you should work towards changing who you ARE on the inside? Acts are a manifestation of the person within, character and beliefs and values and what have you.

That’s why God changes our hearts. He wants us to be good trees, that we might bear good fruit as befits our nature, not bad trees who continually strive for an unattainable standard. (Matt 7:17)

And that’s what stuck in my head from today’s sermon 🙂


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