Today I reached church a tad early so I went to sit right in front and take part in worship for the adult service. Now I sat at the front end of the church in the very first seat along the rightmost aisle, and on the other side of the aisle was a block of seats reserved for those with disabilities.

What really blessed me was watching the guy in charge of signing out the entire worship session go about his task with so much joy. I’ve seen good signers before, but he was just beaming as he signed out each song to that small group of 6? 7? people, and wow I was really touched by how loving he looked as he served them and how deep his conviction must be to do this week in, week out, and still be so full of joy.

The pastor said that God’s gifts are treasures stored in earthen vessels, and I think that there’s great wisdom in that worldview, that I am just a simple person but if I just hold on tightly to what God has given me and use it to point others to Him then there are few things brighter and more beautiful than that. And I really saw it today with that man.

That’s what I want to be! Joyous regardless of what I do, because of who I’m doing it for. Mm.


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