Having A Pure Heart

Dear God,

The world can be quite a scary place. I was just reading some stuff that people posted and I am thinking that it is good that I remind myself why I am here in law school. I know it isn’t a coincidence that I keep thinking about what I’m going to do after I graduate, or what course I’ll be graduating from even, but I know (and I’ve already begun to see) that You’ve placed me here because of people more than anything else. Like in schools in general we are fed the message that these 4 years are stepping stones to success and the higher we climb the safer we are, and in law school with all these bellcurves it’s more apparent than others, my sosci friend told me that in Year 4 they remove the bellcurve and everyone works together to get their grades, I would like that very much! But it is so easy to get selfish and hoard the things that I learn or think of or read about or know and all this begins with thoughts so please help me guard my heart and my mind God. I want to pray that You never let my heart for others soften. I know that this can be really costly because in a perfect world I will have time to ace my subjects and help others out but right now sometimes it is a tradeoff. in Ezekiel 36:26 You promised Israel a new heart and a new spirit, a heart of flesh to replace a heart of stone that they might take care of each other and love one another the way You desire, and I would very much like to ask for that in greater measure that You can help me help others and give freely so that people can come to know a bit of what Your love is like. Even if I end up on the losing end in school I know that You’ll be pleased and that where it counts (people’s lives) I’ll have made a difference. Help me to remember this God!!! It is a tough thing to unknot but I really want to have that kind of a heart. Okay thank you very much!!



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