The One Where We Hang Out And My Tooth Throbs

Matthew 6:8

your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.

God, you know what I need before I even ask You. Just wanted to say that I think that’s really cool. More than a parlor trick, You really KNOW. You see everything I have and am, and you KNOW what I really need, not what I happen to want, or feel like having, or covet, or think I need. You know what I truly need. That’s why you’re always giving me yourself, right? Though this toothache really sucks, I’m glad that You’re next to me. And talking to me like this. Its been sometime since we last hung out like that. And I really enjoy your company, because when I’m close to you, everything in me wants to be good and holy and pure like you. And I feel really clean, and the things that seemed really important just 5 minutes ago really aren’t that essential now. Its just being here, you and me. You’d do all that to spend time with me, knowing that I’ll forget, that somewhere down the line I’ll need you to jolt me again so I come running back, but you’re never weary, its always worth it to you, even when its just me, just for a while. You’re awesome God, and I really love you a whole lot. Don’t want this to end just yet, so I’m going to hold off on the Amen for a bit if that’s cool with you. Haha. I know it is. Okay. Here it goes. Thanks for loving me even when I forget how much I need it. May I learn to love you back. Amen.


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